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8-Bitch5: EvilOnTheAttack 8-Bitch5: EvilOnTheAttack

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I loved it.

This was awesome. It was the most random flash ever. The whole idea was great, except that many people didnt understand it. Your animations were great but no one seemed to realize that. This was hilarious. The random moments made it hilarious. This satire on the 8-bit theater and almost every noob flash ever was great. That stupid McDonald's mic sound effect was annoying though. Other than that, great.

WorldWar2 WorldWar2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very well made but...

you have got the story all wrong. Sorry, but im a critic with these things. The Nazis were dominating completely. They had the strongest military force in the world, or even human history. The nazis marched in, and decimated all they could. You had no evidence of that. It was all americans killing Germans. You completely left out the British, French, and even the Russians who made a HUGE amount of importance during thw war. Americans were only a small part of it. That would be sweet if someone could make flash of Pavlov's house or Staingrad for once. No one appreciates the Russians and I dont get it. If someone does, I would gladly help. You should, you have got potential to make something really great.
On the technical side, this was extremely good. The graphics were great, especially for sticks. The weapons were also good. It was a little too short though. The sounds were awesome. the intro was extremely well done, but Polen messed it up a bit by making it look like you didnt put enough effort into it. Great job, but you can do better. Thats why I am giving you an 8, or else I would give you more. Please make a russian WWII flash someone, I know tons about it.

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Prowlies at the River Prowlies at the River

Rated 5 / 5 stars

DAMN you are good.

Graphics: Awesome, the best I have seen on NG. The water efeects are amazing. All of the animations are crisp, clean, and really high quality. All the special effects are really, really well done. And to think that most of this was fbf, thats just pure amazing.
Style: Your style of animation is awesome. The cartoony nature and diversity of coloration really helps set the happy mood of this flash. Most people use a few different colors and use them constantly.
Sound: The sound effects are very high quality. They sound very clear. the music is also extremely well done. It was sort of off comparing to the setting of the movie, but it is still extremely well done.
Violence: Nice little fight scene with the prowlies, but that was about it for violence.
Interactivity: Well.....You get to choose the quality settings ;D
Humor: Most other people dont really get the humor of this movie. It's not much, but its there. The bird poop and the piss scenes were pretty funny.
Plot: I actually uderstood it, I thought it was actually pretty good.

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Flash Crisis v1.1 Flash Crisis v1.1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I liked this game. It was much better than most other games of this type. The environments were cool and the sprites were good. The sound effects were pretty good too. I liked the weapon switching feature. It made the game more interesting.

Core Salvage Core Salvage

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty Darn Good

This game to me was a pretty fun game. It got very repetitive quickly though, but it was fun in th beginning. It was also a very short and easy game. The sprites were pretty nice. There was minimal sound effects though. IT was like many other breakout style games though the piveting was a really cool thing, and the objective of each round was different than most games. Overall, this was a pretty good game.

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_-={Precious Seconds}=-_ _-={Precious Seconds}=-_

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm in awe.

I so wish I had time to write a full review, but sadly I cannot. THis song was one of the most beautiful I have everheard on the NG Audio portal. Words cannot describe how much I love this song. It's emotional, it's exciting, it is a masterpiece. I know im usually overly generous in all of my reviews, but this song so unbelievably deserves it. It...was...beautiful. All I can think of when I hear this song is a group of soldiers waiting as from over the distance unstopable hordes of enemies come rushing in. The soldiers make their final prayers and wait. As the enemies appear and surround the soldiers, they refuse the plea to lay down their arms or be stricken down. THe waves of soldiers desend upon them, and with yells of fury and tears of sadness, the soldiers slash through every enemy coming their way. They fight through wounds almost as if they can't feel it. Finally one by one they are stricken down until none remain.

MaestroRage responds:

Being wiped out in a stand of defiance. Time tested, glorious theme. Having decided the life they held would not be theirs at the end of this day the soldiers there seemed ready to wreck the vessels that carried them until this day into absolute destruction. Let them have the mangled, broken shells of men, for they would have their weapons embedded deep within enemies before eternal sleep took them.

Well written, thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it!

_-={Mighty Hails}=-_ _-={Mighty Hails}=-_

Rated 5 / 5 stars

What an amazing piece of Music!

Hey there Maestro. It's been a while since I reviewed one of your songs, but there couldn't be a more perfect song to start reviewing again with than this. I am in love with this song. You have truly outdone yourself with this song. Its epic, its emotional, its deep. Its everything you could possibly want from a classical song. Its the energy and the beat at sections and has the emotion and delicacy at others, making this song a perfect blend of music. This song truly tells a story within itself. Closing my eyes and listening to this song brings such beautiful images and scenes to my head, its absolutely amazing. The song itself is of amazing quality. THe angry choral notes seem overly aggressive and couuld be replaced with more bass of anothertype. Other than that, this song is perfect. It's melody changes throughout the song keeping it fresh and exciting. The before stated balance flows smoothlyand creates a wonderful atmosphere. The energetic drums in the middle add such intensity and excitement. The soft choral vocals add depth and emotion. The pipe melody is slightly exotic and riveting and is pulled of extremely well. THe brass as always adds the perfect amount of background depth and intensity. The strings sound wonderful and are played out musically brilliantly. THe ending is incredible great, soft and warm, yet with a slight air of melancholy. Just perfect. THe middle action sounds like it could go extremely well with modern instruments such asa drumset and more electrical sounds possibly in a remix. I wish I had the time to write more, but I must leave friend. Please continue to make music of this degree of brilliance, for it is this that inspires me on a daily basis. Your music inspires me to write, and I now know it is what one to do for a living. Your music has inspired me to choose this life. THank you.

MaestroRage responds:

hello slayer. I apologize for missing this review.

I am glad you felt that this song was to your liking. It is one of my new fav's also. The image that was inspired by it, is so great, so powerful... so... well I can't describe it with words, which is why this song exists.

The aggressive choral voices, are meant to be a tad loud, I apologize if you found them too loud, it was a difficult line to measure.

I am thankful you were able to find the time to drop by. I hope you will be able to listen again sometime, it is always a pleasure to read from you. Thank you for the review, once again I am glad you liked it, and once again, I apologize for the lateness of this response.

_-={Arise Sleeper}=-_ _-={Arise Sleeper}=-_

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Best of your Works

I am not one of many words so I will sum this up quickly and as honestly as possibile. This song was simply beautiful. Also was the most professional sounding song I have heard from you, sounding almost ripped from some great movie. It was a very nice length and your choice of instruments and implementation of them was simply excellent. The epic feeling that came from this song was uniquely powerful. Amazing song, bud. You could definitly make a living composing if you started searching for publishing companies and got someone to sponsor you until one day you meet up with some movie producers and boom, your career skyrockets. Its very possible for someone as skilled as you.

MaestroRage responds:

I am glad you felt this way slayer. It is a very important piece to me in the context that i've learned several new tricks and methods to manipulate the music through Fruity Studio's. Before Fruity Studio was merely the host for me to put notes in and play, but now, I am much more aware of the power that Fruity can add to the music.

I have a very long road ahead of me slayer, I may never reach it, but if I do, I do not intend to make money off the pieces I make for myself, and therefore for anybody who would want to listen to it.

I appreciate the compliment, it keeps the drive strong, and my head focused. Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it!